Is it good to eat yogurt in the morning?

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           I don’t want to make too much profit. Let’s just say let’s just read with your eyes that eating yogurt in the morning is good like this.

1.Eat yogurt in the morning. Losing weight is easier.

           Michael Zemel, a researcher at the University of Tennessee. Reveals the results of the study that found that Volunteers who ate three servings per day were 22% more likely to lose weight and 61% more body fat than those who ate no yogurt at all. Which the researchers explained Yogurt is rich in protein. Helps the body feel full in the stomach. In addition, the high calcium content also helps in the process of burning fat in the body as well UFABET
           However, it’s also a good idea to choose natural yogurt and mix some fresh fruit like oranges, apples, bananas or other fruit into your regular. So that the fiber in the fruit can fill our stomach more.

2. Eat yogurt on an empty stomach can cure constipation

           There are many vitamins and minerals together. Both B vitamins, vitamin D and calcium, plus a lot of probiotics. which in the study it was found. The vitamins and minerals in these help balance the intestinal flora. Help relieve constipation. And prevent inflammatory bowel disease and can help prevent diarrhea.

           The probiotics in yogurt help fight bad bacteria. while helping to strengthen the good bacteria in the intestines and if eating on an empty stomach. The body will absorb the benefits as fully as possible. Especially for people who are prone to constipation and difficult to pass stools, try eating yogurt for breakfast first. But for people who are very difficult to shoot. You may want to try eating for at least 3-7 days in a row to allow your body to balance it first.