The media claim Ancelotti representatives have traveled to Brazil.

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Carlo Ancelotti future at Real Madrid football team remains unclear following tensions between the Italian and Florentino Perez.

Bruno Andrade, correspondent for ‘UOLEsporte’ claim that. Carlo Ancelotti’s agent, Frank Trimboli traveled to Brazil over the weekend to experience the atmosphere of football in the coffee league. Among the news linked to the position of army trainer ‘Seleçao’

According to Bruno Andrade. Trimboli has visited Coffee City with former Samba midfielder Gilberto Silva. But there was no meeting with representatives of the Brazilian Football Federation (CBF).

Currently, Ancelotti’s status with Real Madrid is not as stable as before. After reports of tension between White president Florentino Perez. And the Italian coach because the ‘Los Blancos’ army has been falling in performance lately. And ‘Ance’ hasn’t given Chances of Marco Asensio or Daniel Ceballos playing as much as they should be UFABET  

If Real Madrid fail to win important trophies this season. There is a high chance that Ancelotti will be stripped by the club despite his contract until 2024. And that should go the way CBF wants.’ Anche’ to be the new trainer of the samba team.

And even if you look back at Ancelotti’s performance last season. He can lead the team to win 2 titles, especially the 10th UEFA Champions League title that the club has been waiting for.

It remains to be seen who will replace Ancelotti and will be able to bring Real Madrid back to greatness from Barcelona next season or not.