Manchester United 4 – Real Betis 1.

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Manchester United recover from the red battle. And stock up with a reasonable advantage in the Europa League round of 16 The first team after opening the nest to beat Real Betis 4-1

Manchester United continued to set up a full first team to restore faith after a 7-0 defeat in the red battle. While Real Betis sent 41-year-old veteran Joaquin Sanchez into the field. 

The game started just 5 minutes ago. Manchester United took a 1-0 lead. Bruno Fernandes got the ball on the right. Before opening it into the penalty area, blocked, bounced into Marcus Rashford’s right-hand shot at 10. The yards are absolutely plugged under the beam.

Manchester United almost got it again in the 17th minute. Luke Shaw elaborately opened from the left to the door. But stuck at the end of the stud. The Betis defender came out a little behind.

In the 29th minute, still the Red Devils had a chance. Anthony took the ball to the front of the penalty area. Before flowing for Rashford to turn the shot with the right. But Betis’ veteran goalkeeper Claudio Bravo.  UFABET You can fall down with one hand.

But instead, it was Real Betis who followed the equalizer 1-1 in the 33rd minute. Despite almost not attacking. Race rested his chest and fired with a shot from the right to escape De Gea into the far post. 

The visiting team almost took the lead when De Gea crossed the ball badly into Juanmi. Who had flowed for Ayoze Perez to shoot from a narrow angle to deflect the block. Before the ball bounced off the post. Manchester United escaped and ended the first half on score 1 -1 

The second half, in the 52nd minute.

Manchester United took another 2-1 lead, Bruno Fernande passed the ball out to the right for Anthony to cut in and spun with a left-handed ball. Curved ball plugged into the pole, flowing beauty dripping

The score began to flow to 3-1 in the next 5 minutes from the left corner kick at Luke Shaw, allowing Bruno Fernandes to run and hit the first post through Bravo’s save.

In the 76th minute, Manchester United almost got another shot, Fred opened the ball to fill the penalty area, Luiz Felipe intercepted the ball, bounced into the way, Weghorst shot, but blocked Luiz Felipe. Before the ball went into the hands of Claudio Bravo

  Weghorst scored until 5 minutes later when playing a corner kick where the ball reached Facundo Peyistri, dribbled right to the end of the backline and opened it into the middle of Scott McToe. Minay, another substitute, shoots in the penalty area and is saved. The ball bounced into Weckhorst’s way repeatedly, and nothing left, becoming a 4-1 goal. 

Then at the end of the game, Manchester United returned to form, beating Real Betis 4-1, stocking up a reasonable advantage before playing the second game in Spain.