Bayern Munich continued a new contract with Hernandez.

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German media reported that Bayern Munich and Lucas Hernandez continued to negotiate a new contract football.

The French defender has a current contract with Bayern until mid-2024. With the player having suffered another serious knee injury recently. Leading some media to speculate that it could affect the contract extension UFABET

However, there have been reports on the other side continuously that. Bayern Munich just wait for the players to recover better before negotiating a new contract. With Kicker recently revealing that both parties are working on this matter.

Bayern and Hernandez continue to discuss a new contract. According to German media, the Bavarian club are ready to link the 27-year-old for longer.

Such cases are the wishes of the club that are ready to keep Hernandez on. Despite the fact that the player has been hit by injuries frequently.

Before Hernandez was injured so badly that he had to stay for a long time. The Frenchman has made 11 appearances for Bayern this season. With Hernandez returning to action on Thursday.

Jean-François Hernandez is one of the finest defenders. With Lucas inheriting his father’s DNA in both positioning and left-footing. The 23-year-old doesn’t deny that fact: ‘Center-back, I have no doubt I got that from him’.