American Roulette.

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Earlier on, we discussed the layout of the roulette wheel. Thus the American roulette version is different from the European and French types. That’s because it has a double zero (00) and a single zero (0) on the wheel bets.

The (00) reduces the winning probabilities of players at the table. That means that your chances and odds of winning at American roulette are reduced compared to the other versions. In addition, the house edge of this version is higher at 5.26%.UFABET

Even money wagers will lose if the ball lands on either (00) or (0) in American roulette. To beginners learning how to play roulette. The American version should be avoided at all costs for obvious reasons.

European Roulette

European roulette is the most played version both at physical casinos and on online platforms. Players prefer this version to the American variant since it has a magnified chance of winning. Who wouldn’t want that? That’s the primary reason we advise novice players to play this roulette version.

The difference between American roulette and European is in the layout of their wheels. While the American type has a single and double zero, the European version only has a single zero.

Additionally, the house edge of European roulette scales down to a coveted 2.7%. More reason for you to play this variation. However, just like American roulette, you’ll lose your even chip bet if the ball falls on zero.

French Roulette

Last but not least is the French roulette. This variation has two rules within the game; the en prison and la partage rule. Don’t let the French terminologies deceive you into thinking it’s a complicated roulette version.

On the contrary, it’s not only the best-in-class roulette type but also among all casino games. That’s because it has a down-to-earth house edge at only 1.35%. That’s insane! The French roulette wheel also has a single zero pocket which automatically makes the house edge low.