Goodr Sunglasses

The great thing about running in Southern California is you can see where you are going long before you ever get there. It’s that wide open. Along with that ability comes bright sun the entire way. Do a two hour run in this sun with no sunglasses and it won’t just be your legs that feel the run. Your eyes will feel it too.

We in Southern California take our sunglasses seriously. It’s where Oakley, Arnet, Spy and many others are located. The issue of course is most of the sunglasses on the market cost more than the shoes on our feet and there’s something wrong about that. Those shoes are the most important piece of equipment we need. Why would be pay double to protect our eyes.

As a triathlete I gained a real appreciation for good glasses. At 45 miles an hour screaming down a hill, one bug and it’s going to hurt. Good glasses do more than protect your eyes from sun. As a triathlete too the sunglasses are a fraction of the price of that bike. In fact a good race tire might set you back a pair of good glasses. The catch though is a good pair of cycling glasses don’t do well for every day glasses. Function doesn’t always look good.

I’ve been on a search for a good pair of glasses that I can wear for running and every day that if scratched, broken or stolen can be replaced inexpensively. Sound familiar?

I found them. Goodr Sunglasses. Simple, functional and $25. I love the marketing on the back of the box.

My problem has always been fit. Typically suglasses like this from Oakley or Spy, fit well, look good and bounce or slide on my nose as soon as there is sweat. These don’t do that.

Color and fashion: At this price you can buy three pairs and still be well below your running shoes. There are lot’s of options.

The names are fun:

They come with a bag to carry and wipe them off with. Most $25 sunglasses don’t come with a bag.

I’m no fashion model but here you go.

Now if I can only keep from sitting on them, or leaving them on top of my car as I drive off I’ll be good for awhile with this $25 expense.