Skechers Go Run 5

A few months back I was on a plane traveling home from Tokyo. There was man and woman sitting across the aisle who were obviously coming back from the Tokyo Marathon like me. I had a good long conversation with them. He was a 50 something athlete who is still running quite fast. He runs for Skechers and had a quick turnaround after Tokyo. He was running LA in just two weeks time. That’s hard for anyone let alone a 50 year old. He got me interested in trying out a pair of Skechers. I’d never run in one before.

What I knew about the brand was fairly deep.

1. They are first at being second – Until recently creating new was not their thing. They would let the other brands innovate and they would then “copy” that shoe rather quickly. This was a very good strategy for them. They have sold millions of pairs of shoes doing this.

2. They spent some money on performance. When they entered the performance business they spent some money, on Meb, on the LA Marathon and on hiring talent from other companies.

I was intrigued to test a shoe out. I ordered the Go Run 5

Price $100

Category: S2 Neutral

Midsole drop: 4mm

Midsole Volume: Moderate

Comparable Model: Saucony Kinvara

Overall Likes

1. The price is great

2. The feel is smooth

3. The ride is quiet


The shoes look good.


Two things here that are nice details. First that is not the insole. That is the soft board underneath the insole. Second if you look closely at the toe you can see the white toe cap. That’s an internal toecap that few are doing in running shoes. Nice touch.

Skechers is the official shoe of Ironman Europe. This is a nod to triathletes. Hmm, I’ve seen this elsewhere!

Really nice detail on the outsole. Helps the shoe run quiet.

Too much detail with poor function. The midfoot straps and lacing system are too much and are poorly done. It’s hard to get a good fit.


I’d say don’t waste your time or money. There are better shoes at this price. The Saucony Kinvara for one.

Where they need to improve:

  1.  Add some liveliness to the midsole. Soft is one thing but soft and dead create a bad ride.
  2. Ditch the midfoot detail or change the last – There are definite fit issues here. The construction is not great but because the upper follows the shape of the last it’s got to be the last.
  3. Arch Support – Every shoe needs some arch support. Again it’s in the last.

Skechers has some money. Many of the details in this shoe would make this shoe much more expensive at one of the other brands. If the feel matched this would be a great shoe.